When over 2 lakh people vie for just over 1500 seats at the premier management institutes in the country, what will set you apart is the way you tackle your personal  interviews (PI) and group discussions (GD). Here are ways to tip the scales in your favour during your GD… 1. Management is nothing but […]Continue reading

If you are a student who wants a few hacks to learn more smartly, here they are. LET YOUR TUTOR KNOW If your teacher is holding fort on a topic that most students in your classroom are already familiar with, it’s time to kill boredom through familiarity. Just approach the teacher with a group of […]Continue reading

It’s not just enough to excel at your studies, it’s also important to be smarter about the world around you. After all, you are learning to excel in the world, not in the classroom. And if you want to be a teacher, you need to know more than just the subjects you have been taught […]Continue reading