GoCheckApp: The go-to destination for educational institutions!

GoCheckApp: The go-to destination for educational institutions!


Education is key to the future of the country. Which is why we have created an entire app on how to search for colleges, courses and exams at the swipe of a finger. This benefits the educational ecosystem in more ways than one.

The GoCheck app lists over 2 lakh courses in just about every domain imaginable and over 50,000 institutions that offer them. In  addition, there are over 300 competitive exams that the students can follow, so they don’t miss a single alert.

Run an educational institute? Here is how you can benefit from the GoCheck mobile app

Your digital footprint
The future of communication is through smartphones. No longer do websites, newspapers and TV channels offer the convenience that mobile apps do. Which is why, GoCheck is a handy app for Android devices, so people get timely alerts that they will not miss in a hurry. In addition, both institutes and students can network with each other in more ways than one. From just listing all the information about themselves on the mobile app to creating an easy-to-use online admission procedure to sending out regular updates about their institution to potential students and recruits, it works beautifully for both the educational institutions and the students alike. Similarly, the companies benefit immensely too as campus recruitment can be done under one mobile roof.

Skill is king
Whether it’s an institution or a student, knowing about the right skill from the right institute is critical to future success. With a good digital footprint, the college management can show their best face to the world and recruit the right candidates to enhance their educational dominance.

Shape your career
Once the institutes are able to create their own network with the students on the GoCheck app, they have the best talent at the swipe of their fingers. This is perfect during campus recruitments. Students will find it easiest to be found on this app once they are able to learn about all that the institute offers, including job opportunities, career counselling and mentoring advice.

AI at work!
The more the institutes use the app, the better it gets to meet your education and career goals. Once the institutes connect with the right people, the app throws up the best searches for candidates that could help them get attention with their superior knowledge, facilities and reach.

The institutes can network like no other. They can socialise with other colleges, universities, alumni, faculty and just about any other related educational resource. This creates a self-fulfilling ecosystem that will only grow with time.

Timely alerts
Time is critical for institutions. With a ready resource of students, the institutes only have to put out their announcements on this app, and the rest will happen auto-magically. That’s the power of Artificial Intelligence. Because once the student sets up their profile and follows their favourite courses and exams, the institutes get live updates on what people are going for, so they can match their requirements accordingly.

And finally….
What are you waiting for? Take charge of your institution and start communicating with the educational community on the app. The students are waiting to reach out to you.

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